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Claude Boiron doesn't just sell commercial and residential real estate, he teaches the subjects at York University and University of Toronto.  In the two books he's written on the subjects he stresses his philosophy of co-operation with other agents, nurturing acute listening skills and sensitivity to the needs of others, and a thorough knowledge of every technical facet of the business, all of which leads to an ability to unite disparate parties in real estate deals, which tend to leave everyone happily satisfied.

Whether you're a Seller who could benefit from his market and product knowledge or a Buyer in need of guidance from an astute deal-maker, working with Claude is akin to buying an insurance policy.  He gives you the best chance of selling on your terms, or buying what you need, where you need, for a price you can afford.


Anyone can play, here's how to win.

This book will be the basis for my course at York University on residential real estate.  It's directed at prospective agents, but it will provide valuable insights for anyone who is interested in learning how the industry works.
I wrote this book because the majority of Realtors have little understanding of what their clients really expect of them.  It is a harsh thing to say, especially standing in front of fifty Realtors as I do when I conduct my workshops for their boss, but they are largely an under-educated and under-informed bunch that lacks emotional intelligence skills. I don’t put the blame squarely on them; the whole industry seems unwilling to insist on excellence.
Here’s a case in point: Did you know that the only requirement to be an instructor for the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) is to have been licensed for five years? Quality real estate experts are not courted to teach Realtors, and as such, instructors tend to be, at best, very average.
The most horrifying aspect of this topic is that Realtors have significantly more influence over their clients’ money, in one transaction, and often for a larger dollar amount, than other professionals (financial advisors, lawyers, accountants, etc.) will ever have over a client’s money. Realtors engender trust in their client; they are looked to, to help make decisions in times of great anxiety and stress. But do Realtors really know what they are doing? Are they deserving of such trust?
When the majority of people hire a Realtor, they don’t properly interview him or her, and neither do they ask for testimonials and references (and even if they are given references, don’t make the calls). The end result is that many people end up with an unqualified, or under-qualified, Realtor. This book will teach Realtors how to practice real estate salesmanship properly, ethically, morally, and to everyone’s mutual benefit.
And for everyone else here’s your chance to be a fly on the wall.


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