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Patio Season Decor Tips

Monday, August 12, 2019   /   by Sally Niu

Patio Season Decor Tips

Best Makeover Tips for Your Backyard Patio

Make good use of the last month of summer! There’s no better time to invite your friends and family over for backyard get-togethers. Boiron Group has curated the best makeover tips for your patio, so both you and your friends can have a better time.

Focal Point

Every work-of-art needs a focal point. What would it be for your patio? A great example of a patio centrepiece is a gas-fueled fireplace. Fireplaces transform your patio into a cozy entertaining zone, at a reasonable price.

Breakfast Area

What’s better than a breakfast-in-bed? Breakfast on the patio! It’s a great way to start your day and to appreciate the nature around you. Stores like IKEA offer great small patio sets where you can sip your morning coffee.


The light elements of a space can make a world of a difference. Spice things up with string lights, lanterns, or even candles. These not only provide a source of light but can also double as decor. 


Today’s rugs are made to be durable for the outdoors. The new design trend is synthetic material that is easy to sweep and wash down. Some even have UV-resistant and reversible features. A well-selected rug certainly helps your space look its brightest and cleanest!


Patio umbrellas can be found almost everywhere. Inexpensive with a wide variety of designs, these umbrellas simply get the job done! Look for beautiful patterns and colours to brighten up the deck and yard! Be aware, they do tend to wear down quickly due to constant exposure to the elements. If durability is a concern, then invest in a higher quality but more expensive umbrella. 

Pops of Colour

Colourful cushions or dishes can liven up space immediately. The bright colours compliment the outdoors for the season, drawing guests to your patio.


Utilize the seasonal gift of greenery on your patio. Hanging baskets, pots, trees, and shrubs all look great on patios. It is extremely customizable and can be the best accents for colour.

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