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Tuesday, June 9, 2020   /   by Zifan Gao

5 Things You Need to Know About the Matrimonial Home | June Referral Newsletter

Three months into the COVID-19 stay at home quarantine order, we still don’t know when the lockdown will be completely lifted. The housing market is just starting to heal itself, there is no going back to ‘normal’. Although this pandemic might have turned some of our lives completely upside down, that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to pick up a new hobby or start that passion project we never had the time for; you can accomplish a lot of things in just a few months. 
The quarantine life can be very isolating, so it’s very important to stay socially connected. Follow us on social media. You can reach out to Boiron Group at anytime.

Separating From a Spouse? 5 Things You Need to Know About the Matrimonial Home
For most couples, the matrimonial home represents their largest asset and it is a place of emotional significance – filled with both positive and negative memories. 
A matrimonial home i ...

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Thursday, January 2, 2020   /   by Zifan Gao

5 2020 New Year's Resolutions For Your Home: Boiron Group 2020 January Real Estate Referral Newsletter

5 New Year's Resolutions For Your Home
I love starting a new year off with goals that will help me evolve both personally and professionally. If you're the same way you probably already have a couple goals you want to achieve in 2020, but have you considered making any of them about your home? Turn to page 2 for five resolutions you can set for your home.
Speaking of resolutions, is one of yours to be more charitable this year? That's as easy as referring us someone who wants to sell or buy a house. For every referral we do business with, a portion of our revenue goes to SickKids. You could make a difference in kids' lives!
Did you know that every last Thursday of the month we host a Meetup with a Real Estate expert? The next one is January 30th and you can RSVP in our Facebook page. Start 2020 year off right by becoming more educated in Real Estate!
Hope you have a great start to this new year and that you make progress on your goals!

Know someone who is wanting to sell or buy ; ...

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